Wednesday, September 4th in Pre-K

Welcome to Pre-K! Yesterday was out first official day, and we are definitely off to a great start. We established three groups, each one has a color, a name and a charity of which we will donate to help. The Green group are “Super Heroes” and they want to help dogs. The Blue group are “Sea Creatures” and they want to help the Wildlife Rescue. The Orange group are “Super Stars” and they want to help zoo animals.

Today in Pre-K, Mrs. Susan went over letters with straight lines with the class. The students copied each letter Mrs. Susan wrote on the board. Then, Mrs. Susan read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Ms. Asim went over cleanliness in her class today. The class went over the proper way to wash hands. They went over how germs spread by using glitter. It is this way that the class knows to wash their hands thoroughly after going to the bathroom or being outside.

Miss Lauren went over some shapes with the class today. The students went around the room in search for circles, squares and triangles. We focused on cutting out shapes and pasting them together to create a house. Each student has a Notebook in Art class, in which they are given a small prompt. Today, Miss Lauren told the class to draw circles. They could either color in the circles or draw a picture with a circle.