Wednesday, September 11th in Pre-K

Today, Mrs. Susan taught the class the how to be humble winners and respectful losers when playing games. The class played “War”, the card game, using huge playing cards. Then, the class played a game of Alphabet Bingo; the class waited until everyone’s boards were covered. Mrs. Susan also read a story called I Don’t Wanna Go To School! to the class. Sometimes, we just want to stay home instead of going to school, and it’s okay to feel that way. But we have to remember that going to school is an important place to learn and make friends!

Ms. Asim gave the class snack and continued to assess what each student knew about numbers, counting and patterns using toy bears.

Miss Lauren’s class worked on “A little dab’ll do ya, not a glob of glue” by creating dragonflies out of popsicle sticks. In their notebooks, the class practiced tracing their hand and coloring in the lines.

Have a great day!