Monday, September 16th in Pre-K

Today, we started our first letter of the week: A! Mrs. Susan wrote down any words the class could think of that started with the letter A. They practiced forming uppercase A and lowercase a using wiki-sticks, then Mrs. Susan read them a story called Apples, Apples, Apples by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. For the first day of a new letter, we ask parents to encourage their children to come up with their own words. For the remainder of the week, we ask parents to go over some more words that we can share with the class later on.

Ms. Asim’s class is working on the senses this week. The class got to taste test different apples and vote on which apple they preferred. Ms. Asim put a chart together to add-up the votes; the results are in the big lunch room. Ms. Asim also read the class a story about the senses.

Miss Lauren’s class went over the primary colors today: red, yellow, blue. The class learned that when you combine two of the primary colors, they make a new color. Each student picked two colors to put in a plastic bag with a piece of paper inside. They mixed the two colors by smashing, crumpling, and sliding the plastic bag. Miss Lauren helped everyone take their paper out of the bag for their colorful creations to dry.

Have a great day!