Wednesday, September 18th in Pre-K

To continue with A Week, Mrs. Susan read a story about aardvarks. Then, the class had fun while playing a game pretending to be aardvarks. They had to listen for prompts given by Mrs. Susan to either dig, hide or walk just like an aardvark would. They also went over the construction of the letter Aa by tracing.

Ms. Asim’s class learned about the sense of hearing today. After reading a book about it, the class sorted out objects that could make sounds. The class also observed a water xylophone; they poured water in four cups with different heights and they observed that the more height the water goes, the more sound is heard.

Miss Lauren’s class make an anthill by coloring and cutting out a capitol A and pasting it on a piece of paper. Miss Lauren also helped the class draw ants around the anthill. The class also had an opportunity to try out our watercolor pencils. Once their drawing dried, Miss Lauren pasted it into their notebooks.

Remember, this Friday night is Back to School Night!

Have a great day!