Wednesday, September 25th in Pre-K

Today, Pre-K continued with the letter B in Mrs. Susan’s class. They colored their dry clay B’s. Ask your child about the Magic B Trick! Afterwards, the class had fun playing with different sized beach balls outside.

Ms. Asim explained liquid and solid to the class today; they observed that liquids, like water and orange juice, change shape in any container its in while solids, like legos and counting bears, never change its shape. Afterwards, the class reviewed their shapes and introduced the crescent shape. The class pointed out the shapes they saw in the classroom and any street signs they knew.

Miss Lauren read a story called “The Color Monster” about how each emotion is linked to a color (happy is yellow, sad is blue, anger is red, etc.). It is a great visualization for understanding emotions and how to categorize them. Afterwards, the class colored different faces on a coloring sheet by their emotion. The main focuses were to follow directions and practice patience.

Have a great day!