Thursday 9/26 and Friday Preview in Pre-K

Today, the Pre-K traced and wrote Bb and circled pictures that started with Bb with Mrs. Lanigan. Tomorrow, the Pre-K will continue tracing Bb using blue, black and brown colors. Then, they will identify and color uppercase B and lowercase b with blue, black and brown colors. Afterwards, the class did more B-inspired Show-And-Tell. In order for everyone to have a chance to share, we ask that each child have one Show-And-Tell per week. Thank you!

In Ms. Asim’s class, the Pre-K reviewed their shapes. They practiced counting the sides of pentagon, hexagon and octagon. Then, they traced shapes on a worksheet. Tomorrow, the Pre-K will play a game in which they have to find the missing shape in a pattern.

In Miss Lauren’s class, the Pre-K painted while listening to music, just like Wassily Kadinsky used to. We listened to “Rhapsody in Blue”. Using what they know about color-emotion association, the class interpreted the music to an emotion and the color onto their canvas. For example, if the class heard a part in the music that sounded happy, then they would paint part of their canvas yellow. Tomorrow, Mr. Shan will help the Pre-K design everything bagels for B week using brown coloring tools and loose sequence.

Have a great night!