Tuesday, October 1st in Pre-K

The Pre-K continued C week by forming uppercase C and lowercase c with Cookie Crisp and Count Chocula cereal. Mrs. Susan asked them to make a pattern, alternating between the two types of cereal. Then, Mrs. Susan guided the class in making a cat again to see everyone’s cat-drawing improvement! Afterwards, the class did some C Show-And-Tell.

Ms. Asim’s class counted sets today and sorted them by number. Once they had the numbers in order, the class cut and pasted them together.

Miss Lauren’s class made Camelot Crests for C week using scissors, glue and aluminum foil. In their notebooks, the class pasted and colored a letter C, paying attention that the letter was facing the correct way. Afterwards, Miss Lauren introduced our new artist, Piet Mondrian!

Have a nice day!