Thursday October 10th in the 123 class

Today the 123’s began our morning with a Story called “Pumpkins and Apples”. After we read our friends told us stories about them going apple picking or pumpkin picking with their parents. We did a movement activity acting out picking apples from trees and pulling pumpkins from vines! For our project today we used water color paints to reveal the images our parents drew for us at Back to School night! The kids loooooved seeing their pictures! I explained to them their mommies and daddies drew them when they came to class last week 😁 We had a special visitor come to our school today to read us a story! Princess Jasmine!! After she read she sang “A Whooe New World” and took time to visit each class individually! I will be sending photos to you when I get a minute! We got to go outside and explore this beautiful day with our friends before lunch! This afternoon Miss Carley and Miss Erin will be doing some Halloween coloring pages with them!