Wednesday November 13th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we discussed Doctors! We shared our experiences at a doctor and discussed a doctors job. We learned about all Kinds of doctors tools such as a stethoscope, needles/ shots, tongue depressors, thermometers etc. we discussed how each tool was used as we went through our play doctor kit. Our friends got to explore with these tools used the baby dolls as their patients. We read a story called “Clifford visits the Hospital”. For our project we made a doctor kit/ first aid kit using cotton balls, gauze pads, band aides etc. As a group we discussed a band aides purpose (keeping a boo boo clean and protected from germs and dirt so it can heal). We did an experiment demonstrating this. Before lunch we listened to a few of our favorite movement songs such as freeze dance, baby shark and Bear Hunt!