Friday November 15th in the 123 class

Today in the 123 class we had a very exciting start as it is Victoria’s birthday today! She brought in munchkins to share with her friends- which of course they all love donuts!! After celebrating and singing Happy Birthday we read a story called “My Family”. We discussed the roles of family members and who was in our family. We made a chart to see how many people were in each child’s family. We had 2 kids with 3 people in their family, 7 kids with 4 people in their family, and 1 kid with 5 people in their family! For our project we each choose the members of our family (paper cut outs) and Miss Sara labeled who each person was as they choose them. We sang a song called “I Love My Family”. We pretended to act out different roles in our family. Our friends we being their mommy, daddy and siblings (it was hilarious). Have a great weekend!