Pre-K Daily Highlights for Thursday, June 22nd

Graduation is TOMORROW!!! It starts at 5:30pm be there or be be square! Today the children had music with Ms. Nicole , rode bikes and did a practice run of graduation. The children are also enjoying just playing with their friends and talking about their favorite memories of Camelot time. […]

Wednesday June 21st in the ABC’s   Recently updated !

This morning with Miss Cara we discussed the importance of bike safety. We used bottle caps and straws to make bikes for our project. We also enjoyed building with magnets and using dry erase boards. With Miss Nicole the children ate snack, reviewed the number nine and counting to nine […]

Tuesday June 20th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we worked on our bike riding skills of course! When we came inside we did some cutting practice and for our project today we used water colors to follow along a line with paint. We played a letter bingo as we have been working on identifying […]

Monday June 19th in the 123’s

Today in the 133’s we learned about Bike safety! We discussed our rules for bicycles and for the playground while the bikes are out! We worked on peddling and stealing the bikes with assistants from our teachers if needed! For our projects we worked on painting bikes the color of […]

Pre-K Daily Highlights for Monday, June 19th

BOWLING PERMISSION SLIP AND MONEY ARE DUE BY 6:00PM TONIGHT! THERE ARE COPIES OF THE PERMISSION SLIP ON MRS. JILL’S DESK Bike week has started! Please make sure your child bring their bike helmet everyday. If your child rides a two- wheeler they may bring it to school to ride […]

Monday June 19th in the ABC’s

Today we started bike riding! We will be riding bikes this week and next week! If you would like your child to ride a bike please make sure to bring in a helmet, labeled with there name, they can not ride without a helmet and we can not share helmets. […]

Pre-K Daily Highlights for Friday, June 16th

Pre-K End of the Year Trip at Slocums- permission slip was sent via email, please fill out and return with the $12.00 by Monday, June 19th  Graduation is on Friday, June 23rd at 5:30. Be there or be square.  Today, the children had a Fun Friday! They finished their Father’s Day gifts, […]

Friday June 16th in the ABC’s

Happy Friday! This morning with Miss Cara we finished making our Father’s Day gift. All of the gifts are inside your child’s cubby, there is glass in the brown bag so please be careful! The children also enjoyed making bracelets, building with magnets and playing in the kitchen. With Miss […]

Tuesday June 12th in the ABC’s

This morning with Miss Cara we reviewed how to spell the word “dad”. We made another special project, which will be a surprise! We also enjoyed playing with dry erase boards, puzzles and building blocks. With Miss Abbie the children ate snack, completed a number 8 worksheet and played with […]