Tuesday August 15th at Camelot   Recently updated !

This morning the 123’s made cotton candy using glue, shaving cream and paint. The ABC’s read “Rain Talk”, made paper plate parrots, played Simon Say’s and celebrated Olivia’s 4th birthday with yummy cake! The Pre-k class made paper plate sea turtles, husked corn on the cob and played Simon Say’s. […]

Friday at Camelot

Everyone had a chance to go glamping today! We played with the glitter canoes and tents on a campsite we built on the table. We made campfires and trees and bushes and went on adventures!  The Pre-K also got to nap outside! Mrs. Susan brought out the cots and we […]

Thursday at Camelot

Today the 123 class made dinosaurs, played with dinosaurs and fed the chicken. The ABC and Pre-K class made tents and canoes and we are going to use them to build a giant campground tomorrow! Everyone played outside in the morning and had the chance to go swimming in the afternoon. For lunch […]

Wednesday August 9th

We had a very exciting day today! We watched the workers working out front and they used big machines! The 123’s made snakes and the ABC and Pre-K kids made campfires and fireflies.  We all got to play in the classroom tent in the morning and swim in the pool […]

Today at Camelot

We played in the sprinklers, played in a giant tunnel tent, had a movie lunch and made smore’s. Some of us played in the bounce house and some of us played with bubbles. We finished up our camping projects and tomorrow we are going to play smore’ games! Lunch today was quesadillas, […]

Monday July 31st at Camelot

This morning at Camelot most of the children did not want to swim because of the cold water so we’re hoping its warmer this afternoon! The 123’s are talking about sports this week. Today they made baseball name flags. The ABC’s and Pre-K class are talking about pirates. We used […]

Thursday July 27th at Camelot

This morning at Camelot the Pre-k and ABC classes made tomatoes for their project. They used scissors to cut out the shape of the tomatoe and then added the stem. The 123’s made watermelons for their project using red paint and black beans as the seeds. Everyone enjoyed swimming in […]

Wednesday July 26th at Camelot

This morning at Camelot the ABC’s and Pre-k class made corn for their project. They used scissors to cut out the corn cob and husk. The pre-k class husked corn for us to eat for lunch. The ABC’s will have a turn husking corn tomorrow. The ABC’s also talked about […]

Friday the 21st at Camelot

Happy fun Friday! This morning the 123’s enjoyed splashing around in the pool. For their project they made crabs using paper plates and red paint. They also enjoyed playing with dinosaurs. The ABC’s and Pre-k class were all together and took turns rotating around the school to swim, play and […]

Thursday July 20th at Camelot

This morning the 123’s enjoyed blowing bubbles outside and swimming in the pool! For their project they made star fish using the dot markers. The ABC’s and Pre-K classes made seahorses for their project using markers, crayons, colored pencils and dot markers. We read “Mister Seahorse” during circle and sang […]