Monday, November 19th in the ABC’s

This morning, before breaking up into groups, all ABC children started their day with thanksgiving songs and listening to a story called “‘Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving”. With Ms Cara the children worked one-on-one to complete a thanksgiving counting worksheet. We also worked on spelling and tracing our names. The […]

Monday, November 19th in Pre-K   Recently updated !

Mrs. Susan’s class worked on lowercase letters with curves, like h and g. The class also made Thanksgiving cards for their families using stickers and dot markers. Mrs. Lanigan introduced the number 9 to the class today. The worksheet the class completed had them count and color frogs up to the […]

Friday, November 16th in the ABC’s

Today, all ABC children started their day with a story called “A Plump and Perky Turkey”. They also all enjoyed making handprint turkeys with Miss Julie and Miss Erin. With Ms. Cara the children had fun using the wikki stixs to form letters A-I. We also practiced identifying the letters […]

Friday, November 16th in Pre-K

For math we did a cute turkey coloring worksheet, they are in your child’s cubby and will look great on your fridge. Our project today was a fall leaf made special by using paint and lunch bags behind a leaf cut out. It is also in your child’s cubby- be careful […]

Thursday, November 15th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan’s class worked on the letter H and introduced vowels, all while listening to the musical stylings of Harry Connick Jr. Mrs. Lanigan’s class completed a worksheet; they had to guide Eddie the Eagle to his home by counting to the number 8. Mrs. Lanigan also read an H-inspired […]

Wednesday, November 14th in Pre-K

Miss Lauren’s class made little hedgehogs for the letter H today. If the class had time, Miss Lauren read the story The Little Happy Hedgehog. It was a story about a hedgehog who was told to do something other than sit in the grass, but nothing made him happier than […]

Tuesday, November 13th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan’s class worked on the formation of the letters A through H using playdough, pipe cleaners, craft popsicle sticks, wiki sticks and dry erase boards. They also shared other words that start with the letter “H”. Afterwards, they played a spelling game with letter blocks. Miss Abbie’s class completed a worksheet, focusing […]

Tuesday, November 13th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms. Cara we started our day with a story called “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves”. Today was also all about letter “I”. We practiced writing the letter I with the dry erase markers, used Lincoln logs to form the letter and also used […]