Monday, March 25th in the ABC’s   Recently updated !

This morning with Ms Cara we introduced letter “Ww”. We discussed the number of lines in the letter and completed a tracing worksheet for letter Ww. We used wikki sticks to make letter Ww along with other letters. The children also enjoyed building with lincoln logs, using the lacing letters […]

Friday, March 22nd   Recently updated !

This morning with Ms Cara we finished our week of nursery rhymes and letter Vv! We reviewed the sound, formation and words beginning with letter V. We also completed a letter Vv, trace, color and find worksheet. The children enjoyed using Lincoln logs to build and make letter V and […]

Friday, March 22nd in Pre-K   Recently updated !

We had a very fun Friday! Mrs. Susan went over our list of V words, the class adding some more before the end of V week. Mr. Diego helped the students complete a V worksheet. Afterwards, everyone had a chance to play with our new toys! Miss Lauren’s class reviewed […]

Thursday, March 21st in Pre-K   Recently updated !

Happy first day of Spring! This morning, Mrs. Susan lead gymnastics for those that were not here yesterday. Mrs. Lanigan’s class completed a worksheet in which they had to connect the dots to 20. The class also completed two letter worksheets: one working on uppercase V and the other on […]

Wednesday, March 20th in Pre-K   Recently updated !

Mrs. Susan’s class completed a “V” worksheet, in which they traced and wrote uppercase and lowercase Vv. They also had to identify the items on the worksheet that started with V and circle them. Miss Lauren’s class cut and assembled bees in a drawn Spring setting. This tied into Miss […]

Tuesday, March 19th in the ABC’s   Recently updated !

This morning with Ms Cara we introduced letter V. We discussed the formation of the letter and the sound it makes. The children also completed a letter V trace and color worksheet. During circle time we reviewed calendar, practiced counting to 19 and pointed out rhyming words as we read […]

Tuesday, March 19th in Pre-K   Recently updated !

We had such a busy day! Mrs. Susan re-organized some of our toys with the class, and Mrs. Lanigan guided the students on completing a “V” worksheet. Students also had an opportunity to play a spelling matching game when they finished their worksheet. Miss Lauren’s class made volcanoes using scissors, […]

Monday, March 18th in Pre-K   Recently updated !

We had a special guest come in this morning! He told us a story about how anything is possible in dreams, and to dream big! All of the students and teachers were the stars of the story; we even made special effects to keep the story going. After our special […]

Monday, March 18th in the ABC’s   Recently updated !

We had another exciting morning at Camelot today! We had a special visitor who came in to tell us an interactive story, all of our names and teachers names were included in the story, and our storyteller brought a bubble machine in to add effects to the story! This took […]

Friday, March 15th in the ABC’s

What an exciting morning we had today! With Ms Cara we finished our week of letter U. We reviewed its formation, sound and words beginning with it. We completed a letter U tracing sheet and also used the dry erase boards to try to write the letter on our own. […]