ABC Lesson Plan

ABC September

Welcome back to school! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and is ready for a great school year! During the month of September we will be focusing on getting to know each other and becoming familiar with the classroom routine and rules. The month of September is also a time where I focus of getting to know each of your child’s different needs. We will learn about one another and talk about how we feel about coming into a new classroom.  Throughout this month we will also focus on tracing lines and cutting along lines to begin strengthening our fine motor skills.

Monthly Observations:

  • Children’s good manners month
  • Beginning of National Apple Months (September-November)
  • Farm Animal awareness 16th-23rd
  • 1st Day of Fall – September 23rd

Week 1: (Sept. 1st -7th) Welcome week

  • “The Kissing Hand” By Audrey Penn (Book)
  • “The Kissing Hand” – 1st day of school feeling discussion and craft
  • Feelings chart (How did you feel on your first day of school?)
  • Handprint fish (“O’fish-ally in the ABC’s”)
  • Name card necklace
  • Following and understanding directions game
  • “Look Who Came To School Today” (song)
  • Getting to know our friends with buddy paintings
  • Pencil craft
  • School Bus craft
  • 1st letter of name outline and tracing
  • Name tracing activity
  • Follow the lines tracing and cutting activity
  • What letter does my name begin with activity

Week 2: (8th-14th) Names; Apples, Letter A

This week we will being our alphabet introduction. We will introduce a new letter each week and practice tracing and writing it, how to recognize it, the sound it makes and words that being with the letter. Apples are a favorite fruit to many coming in different sizes, colors, sizes, tastes and varieties.

  • Letter A tracing work sheet
  • Hand-over-hand letter A writing
  • Forming the letter A with play-dough
  • Letter A word wall
  • Apple tasting
  • Which type is your favorite graph
  • Cutting practice of apple shape and craft activity
  • “Ten Apple Up On Top” by Dr. Seuss
  • Apples in a basket counting activity
  • Apple color sorting
  • Apple mosaic craft
  • Parts of an apple craft and activity
  • Apple fingerprinting counting/craft
  • “10 Little apples” song

Week 3: (15th-21st) Farm Animals, Letter Bb

The third week in September is farm animal awareness week. In honor of this week we will be discussing the different types of farm animals, the sounds the make and what they do. We will sing songs, read book and take part in different activities and crafts that have to do with farm animals to enhance our knowledge of a farming lifestyle and he animals that live on a farm. We will also introduce letter Bb this week.

  • Letter Bb introduction and sound
  • Letter Bb tracing and writing
  • Letter Bb word bank
  • Making the letter Bb with beans
  • Letter B barn craft
  • Farm animals lacing activity
  • “Baa Baa Black Sheep” song
  • Black sheep craft
  • Building a farm with blocks
  • “Pigs in the mud” book and craft
  • “Old McDonald craft
  • Paper plate cow craft
  • “The Farmer In The Dell” song
  • “Giving Farm” poem
  • Handprint chickens
  • “Who am I” circle time game

Week 4: (22nd-28th) All About Me, Practicing good manners, Letter Cc

We will continue learning about one another with an “All About Me” theme this week. We will practice our name recognition and work on identifying the letters of our name. We will also learn more about our friends by talking about our families and our likes/dislikes.

  • Letter Cc introduction and sound
  • Letter Cc tracing and writing
  • Letter Cc word bank
  • Making the letter Cc with cotton balls
  • First letter of name water color craft
  • All about me movement rhyme – “My special face”
  • Paper plate faces
  • “I’m Glad I’m Me” rhyme
  • All About me book
  • Family Tree craft
  • How many blocks
  • Name tracing practice
  • Line tracing and cutting activity