ABC October 2017


Week 1 (Oct. 1st-7th) Autumn; Letter Dd
Autumn has begun and we are finally beginning to see some of the many changes outside that occur throughout this season. We will be discussing these changes that happen both outside and in our daily routines (clothes, activities, etc.) during the fall season. Letter Dd will be introduced this week.
• Letter Dd, recognition and sound
• Letter Dd tracing
• Letter Dd word chart
• Tissue paper and fabric wreath
• Fall line tracings
• Tissue paper leaf craft
• Leaf cutting activity
• Leaf lacing
• Why do leaves change color? Experiment
• Scarecrow craft
• Candy corn math
• Fall sensory bags
• Pumpkin seed number matching
• “5 Little Acorns” poem
• Autumn Time is Coming (song)
• “FALL” word tracing
• Acorn craft
• Letter D dog craft

Week 2 (8th-14th) Fire Safety and Prevention; Letter Ee
October 8th-14th is fire prevention week. All week we will be discussing the importance of fire safety. We will talk about the ways to prevent fires from happening and what to do in case we encounter one. We will sing songs and read books along the topic of fire safety and prevention. We will also be introducing the letter Ee this week.
Monday the 9th – Columbus Day
Wednesday the 11th – Visit from Fire Department
• What is the importance of Columbus Day? – Discussion and song
• Handprint sailboat for Columbus Day
• Letter Ee, recognition and sound
• Letter Ee tracing
• Letter Ee word chart
• 9-1-1- tissue paper craft
• 9-1-1 song
• Fire truck shape craft
• Finger painting a fire scene
• Fire safety song
• Shape fire truck craft
• “5 Little firefighters” finger play
• Firemen counting worksheet
• Stop, drop, and roll movement activity
• Fire hat paper plate craft

Week 3 (15th-21st) Nutrition, healthy bodies and germs; Letter Ff
This week the children will be learning about the importance of health and nutrition and taking care of their bodies (proper handwashing techniques and how to stop the spread of germs). We will discuss the differences of healthy food vs. junk food and how too much junk food is not good for our bodies. We will also introduce letter Ff this week.
• Letter Ff recognition and sound
• Letter Ff tracing
• Letter Ff word bank
• Finger painting the letter F
• Favorite food chart
• Health food vs. junk food collage
• Painting with veggies
• Seed counting activity
• Fruit and vegetable taste test
• Fruit and vegetable people craft
• Food pyramid activity
• Watermelon rolling movement activity
• Cocoa powder handwashing activity
• Favorite vegetable graph
• “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie”
• “Gregory The Terrible Eater”
• “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

Week 4 (22rd-28th) Halloween; Letter Gg
Wednesday October 25th – Halloween Party and Parade
We will spend this week talking about Halloween. We will read books, play games and do crafts and in preparation for one of our favorite holidays! We will introduce letter Gg this week.
• Letter Gg recognition and sound
• Letter Gg tracing
• Letter Gg word chart
• Letter Gg picture identification activity
• Letter G ghost craft
• Inside of a pumpkin craft
• Making letters with pumpkin seeds
• Pom-pom candy corn painting
• Spider web marble painting
• “Ghost” word tracing
• “5 Little Pumpkins” (song and finger play)
• Halloween line tracing
• Pumpkin template cutting activity and craft

Week 5 (29th-Nov. 4th) Halloween continued; Recognizing Shapes; Letter Hh
We will finish celebrating Halloween on Tuesday. We will then begin talking about shapes and how to identify them. The letter Hh will be introduced this week.
• Letter Hh recognition, sound
• Letter Hh tracing
• Letter Hh word chart
• Following along the lines tracing practice
• Q-tip Skelton
• Jack O Lantern craft
• “HALLOWEEN” word tracing
• Shape review and identification
• Counting the sides of a shape
• Shape tracing and cutting activity
• Shape collage
• Shape hunt around the room
• Making shapes with various objects and materials
• Shape lacing activity