ABC Lesson Plan

January 2019

1st New Year’s Day (closed)
17th Tooth Buddy Puppet Show
21st Martin Luther King Jr. Day (closed)

Week 1 (Jan. 1st- 5th) New Year’s, review of letters Aa-Mm, name recognition
This week we will review the letters Aa-Ll, recognizing their sound and formation and practicing how to trace and write them. We will also celebrate the New Year, and discuss New Year’s resolutions.
• “Alphabears” (book)
• New Year’s handprints
• Scissor cutting practice
• The 6th of January is Bean Day
– Dried bean name mosaic
• 2019 confetti number craft
• Winter mitten and torn tissue paper craft
• “2019” number tracing
• Writing letter using dry erase boards
• Forming letters using play-dough
• Winter line tracing worksheet
• Letter hunt

Week 2 (Jan. 6th-12th) Winter, Letter Mm
This week we will introduce letter Mm. We will also be discussing the winter season. We will talk about the different changes we see outside, the weather and the things that we do different in the winter opposed to other seasons. We will read books, sings, songs and learn different finger plays that deal with the winter season.
January 7th-13th is Letter writing week – we will continue practice writing letters that we have learned up to this point (Aa-Mm) along with practice tracing and writing our names. We will also use various materials and objects around the classroom to create different letters and try to make our name
• Can You Cut On The Lines (worksheet)
• Letter Mm introduction, formation and sound
• Letter Mm tracing
• Letter Mm word bank
• Making the letter Mm with marshmallows
• Winter Hat craft
• Winter painting craft (sparkly mixed media)
• Tracing the word “WINTER”
• Pom-pom hot cocoa mug craft
• Ice skates craft with dot markers
• Mitten craft with first letter of name
• Winter mitten color match
• The mitten and boot pokey
• Counting snowballs with mini marshmallows

Week 3 (Jan. 13th-19th) Dental Hygiene; Letter Nn
This week we will introduce letter Nn. We will be discussing dental hygiene and have will have a visit from the puppet dentist on Thursday the 17th!
• Letter Nn introduction, formation, and sound
• Letter Nn tracing
• Letter Nn word wall
• Making letter N with noodles
• Toothbrush craft
• Tooth cutting craft
• Mouth craft
• Cutting along the lines practice
• Name review and mosaic craft

Week 4 (Jan. 20th-26th): Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, Construction, letter Oo

Closed Monday January 21st for MLK Day

On Tuesday we will discuss Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream of peace. We will talk about the important of friendship and kindness to all. January is kid’s creativity month, we will use our creativity to pretend we are builders this week and learn about construction. We build with various toys and materials.
• Letter Oo introduction (formation and sound)
• Letter Oo tracing
• Letter Oo word wall
• Building with toothpicks and marshmallows
• Construction straw houses craft
• Building with magnets and blocks
• What would you build literacy activity – using descriptive words
• Building block number activity
• Tool/ tool belt craft
• Construction hat craft
• “building” letters with blocks

Week 5 (Jan. 27th-Feb. 1st) Polar Animals, Letter Pp
This week we will focus on polar animals. We will discuss animals that are out during the wintertime and also talk about hibernation. We will also introduce the letter P this week.
• Cotton ball polar bear craft
• Cave with sleeping bear craft
• “Hibernation Station” (book)
• Construction paper penguins
• “I’m A Little Penguin” poem
• Letter Pp introduction (formation and sound)
• Letter Pp tracing
• Letter Pp word wall
• Making the letter Pp with play-doh
• Letter Pp and pom-pom outline
• Polar bear paw letter and number walk
• Arctic slime
• How do artic animals stay warm? (activity)
• Writing in shaving cream
• Polar bear paw counting
• Shape walrus craft