ABC Lesson Plan

December 2017

Important Dates:
• Dec. 12th Hanukkah begins
• Dec. 15th Scholastic Book orders Due and Carols by Flashlight 7-8:30
• Dec. 18th-20th Holiday Shop
• Dec. 20th Visit from Santa and first day of Winter
• Dec. 25th Christmas – School Closed
• Dec. 26th School Closed
• Dec.26th Kwanzaa begins

Week 1 (Dec. 3rd-9th) Transportation, Letter Kk
• Letter Kk introduction
• Letter sound and recognition
• Tracing and writing the letter Kk
• Letter Kk word wall
• Coal trains – number recognition and counting activity
• Follow the lines pre-handwriting worksheet
• discuss the different modes of transportation
-What are the differences between each type of transportation?
• Shape train project – identification each shape
• Car craft – cutting out the wheels
• Paper plate boats –cutting out the sail
• Airplane craft
• Counting wheels activity
• Favorite type of transportation graph
• Looking at maps
• Red light, green light game

Week 2 (10th-15th) Hanukkah, Letter Ll
This week we will discuss the celebration of Hanukkah. We will talk about the menorah, sing songs and read book that have to do with Hanukkah. Letter Ll will be introduced this week.
• Letter Ll introduction
• Letter Ll recognition and sound identification
• Letter Ll tracing and writing
• Letter Ll word wall
• Making the letter Ll with Lego’s
• Handprint menorah
• Star of David popsicle stick craft
• Tissue paper dreidels – cutting practice
• Counting and lighting the candles on the menorah craft
• Tracing the word Hanukkah
• Dreidel game and activity

Week 3
(17th-23th) Christmas; Trees; Letter Mm
Introduction of Christmas, talk about its celebrations and traditions. We will read books and sings songs about the holiday. Introduction of letter Mm

• Letter Mm introduction
• Letter Mm recognition and sound
• Letter Mm tracing and writing
• Letter Mm word wall
• Making the letter Mm with marshmallows
• Christmas tree craft
• Creating letter M with the magnets
• Paper plate Santa craft
• Ornament craft with tissue paper
• Reindeer craft
• Triangle tree cutting practice
• Stocking craft
• Holiday lights counting activity
• Celebrating the first day of winter
• Santa, Santa, Raindeer game (duck, duck, goose)
• Candy cane craft

Week 4 (25th-29th) Kwanzaa; New Years; Letter review
Kwanzaa introduction, discussing its traditions and celebrations. Talk about New Years and resolutions. We will sing songs and read books that have to do with these holidays
• Letter Review
• Using dry erase boards and play-doh to write and form letters
• Kwanzaa pony bead lacing bracelets
• Kwanzaa candle craft
• Letter matching activity
• New Year’s Eve countdown
• Play dough letter creations
• Letter Bingo
• New Year’s craft