ABC Lesson Plan

June 2019

Week 1: (2nd-8th) Gardens and growing; Number 8

We will continue are lesson on flowers and gardening. What does it take to make and grow and garden? What types of things besides flowers can grow in a garden?

  • Different parts of a plant (craft and activity)
  • Number 8 introduction

-tracing “8” and “EIGHT”

-writing number 8

-making the number 8 with playdough

-counting to 8 and making groups of 8 with different objects

-number 8 spider craft


Week 2: (9th-15th) Week of the Dad’s; Number 9

  • Number introduction
  • identifying, tracing and practice writing
  • making groups of nine with cubes activity
  • wiki stix numbers activity
  • 14th National Flag Day (fri.)
  • Looking at the American flag and other flags
  • Create your own flag craft
  • D-A-D tracing and writing
  • The rest of the week will be a surprise J

Week 3: (16th-22nd) Outdoor fun; Number 10

  • Number 10 introduction
  • Tracing “10” and “Ten”
  • Writing number 10
  • Counting to 10 and making groups of 10
  • Making the number 10 with dry erase markers and play doh
  • Count and color number 10 worksheet
  • Hopscotch number and letter game
  • Outside painting
  • Kite craft

Week 4: (23rd-29th) Summer time fun! ; Number and letter review

Summer discussion

  • What are the different changes that occur during the summer season?
  • Change in the weather, the clothes we wear, activities we do, etc.
  • Nature walk around the school
  • Flip flop craft
  • SUMMER tracing
  • Lemonade cup craft(cup template, straw and ice cubes and lemon slice)
  • Popsicle painting and cutting activity
  • Number and letter bingo