ABC Lesson Plan

JUNE 2018

I can’t believe it’s already June! It feels like it was just September and all of your children were coming in for their first day in the ABC’s and now they will soon be entering Pre-K. All of the children have grown so much throughout this past year and I’m so glad to have had the pleasure of working with each and every one of them! With that being said, the school year is coming to a close and summer is quickly approaching us!
• Bike riding is the first two weeks in June, 4th-15th
– The school will be providing bikes of different sizes and types for the children to use throughout these two weeks.
– Please bring in a helmet for your child to use doing this week, labeled with name.
– Children will not be allowed to share helmets.
– Please also make sure your child is wearing sneakers for bike riding

Week 1: (3rd-10th) Bike Riding and Safety; Number 8
 Bike riding begins this week! We will be learning how to peddle with our legs and the children will be assisted with pushing if needed. We will also be discussing the importance of bike safety.

• Bike safety, guidelines, equipment and parts of a bicycle
• Helmet and wheel counting activity
• “B” for bike
• “Duck on a Bike” (book 7 craft)
• Shape bike craft
• Bike peddling and leg movement exercise and activity
• Water color bike painting
• Bike name plate craft
• Chalk drawings
• Playing with bubbles
• Number 8 introduction
-tracing “8” and “EIGHT”
-writing number 8
-making the number 8 with playdough
-counting to 8 and making groups of 8 with different objects
-number 8 spider craft

Week 2: (11th-16th) Father’s Day; Bike riding continued; Number 9
• Number 9 introduction
-tracing “9” and “NINE”
-writing number 9
-making the number 9 with playdough
-counting to 9 and making groups of 8 with different objects
• 14th National Flag Day (wed.)
– Looking at the American flag and other flags
– Create your own flag craft
• D-A-D tracing and writing
• The rest of the week will be a surprise 

Week 3: (17th-23rd) Summer; Number 10
• Number 10 introduction
– Tracing “10” and “Ten”
– Writing number 10
– Counting to 10 and making groups of 10
– Making the number 10 with dry erase markers and play doh
– Count and color number 10 worksheet
• Summer discussion
– What are the different changes that occur during the summer season?
– Change in the weather, the clothes we wear, activities we do, etc.
• Nature walk around the school
• Flip flop craft
• Splatter painting craft
• Hopscotch number and letter game
• Popsicle painting
• Sun shine craft
• Outside painting
• SUMMER tracing
• Lemonade cup craft(cup template, straw and ice cubes and lemon slice)

Week 4: (24th-30th) Under the Sea; Numbers 1-10 Review
• Number review
• Number bingo
• Handprint fish and water painting
• Counting our fingers and toes
• “A Fish Out of Water” (book)
• Crab craft
• Fishing for letters activity
• Paper bowl jellyfish
• Marbled sea horse
• Whale craft
• Octopus counting activity
• Working with scissors
• Letter review