ABC Lesson Plan

October 2020

Week 1 (4th-10th): Letter Dd; Fire Safety

This week is fire prevention week. All week we will be discussing the importance of fire safety. We will talk about the ways to prevent fires from happening and what to do in case we encounter one. We will sing songs and read books along the topic of fire safety and prevention.

Tuesday, October 6th is Red Day – send your child to school wearing red

  • Letter Dd, recognition and sound
  • Letter Dd tracing
  • Letter Dd word chart
  • 9-1-1 song
  • Fire truck shape craft
  • Finger painting a fire scene
  • Fire safety song
  • Shape fire truck craft
  • “5 Little firefighters” fingerplay
  • Firemen counting worksheet
  • Letter “D” Dalmatian fire dog
  • Stop, drop, and roll movement activity
  • Fire hat paper plate craft

Week 2 (11th-17th): Letter Review A-D; Community Helpers

Closed Monday October 12th for Columbus Day

We will be reviewing letters A-D this week, how to recognize them, trace / write them, their sound and words beginning with each letter.

What is the importance of Columbus Day? – Discussion and song

  • Handprint sailboat for Columbus Day
  • What is a community helper and what do they do?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Grocery story workers craft and play
  • Amazon box craft
  • Police officer craft
  • Doctor/nurse craft

Week 3 (18th-24th): Letter Ee; On the Farm

Thursday, October 22nd is Farm Day – dress like a farmer

  • Letter Ee, recognition and sound
  • Letter Ee tracing
  • Letter Ee word chart
  • Letter B barn craft
  • Farm animals lacing activity
  • “Baa Baa Black Sheep” song
  • Black sheep craft
  • Building a farm with blocks
  • “Pigs in the mud” book and craft
  • “Old McDonald craft
  • Paper plate cow craft
  • “The Farmer In The Dell” song
  • “Giving Farm” poem
  • Handprint chickens

Week 4 (25th-31st): Letter Ff; Halloween

Halloween Party and Parade is on Wednesday, October 28th at 9am – Please send your child to school dressed in their costume.

  • Letter Ff recognition and sound
  • Letter Ff tracing
  • Letter Ff word bank
  • Finger painting the letter F
  • Letter F with feathers
  • Inside of a pumpkin craft
  • Exploring the inside or a pumpkin
  • Making letters with pumpkin seeds
  • Spider web marble painting
  • “Ghost” and cotton ball craft
  • “5 Little Pumpkins” (song and finger play)
  • Halloween line tracing
  • Pumpkin template cutting activity and craft
  • Q-tip Skelton
  • Jack O Lantern craft