ABC Lesson Plan

February 2019

Week 1: (3rd-9th) Letter “Qq”; Misc. Holiday Fun
• Feb. 2nd Groundhog Day (recognize and celebrate on Monday; book, project and discussion)
• 5th Chinese New Year (project)
• 7th Dry Bean Day (fine motor project activity)
• 8th Science Fun (a special visitor in the morning will show the class different science experiments!)
• Letter “Qq” introduction, formation and sound
• “Q” tracing, practice writing
• Letter Q word wall
• Using Q-tips to make the letter Q
• Class Quilt project

Week 2: (10th-16th) Letter “Rr”; Valentine’s Day
Thurs. 14th – Valentine’s Day party and card exchange
• Letter Rr introduction, formation and sound
• Tracing letter Rr and prewriting practice
• Letter Rr word wall
• Raccoon counting activity
• Making letter R using various materials (rocks, rope, ribbon)
• Heart mosaic craft (children practice tracing a heart and use tissue paper that they rip to fill in the heart
• Heart people craft
• Candy heart color sort and counting activity
• Disappearing words (candy heart experiment)
• Valentine bag decoration
• Broken heart number match
• Heart size sort
• Candy heart patterns
• Heart shape cutting activity
• Bag decoration for card exchange

Week 3: (17th-23rd) Letter Review; Children’s Authors
Mon. 18th – CLOSED for Presidents Day
We will learn about various children’s authors and discuss what an author is and does. During circle time we will create our own imaginative story as a class for a literacy activity. The projects this week will be based off of a children’s authors and one of the books they wrote.
• Letter Bingo
• Wikki stix letters
• Letter tracing and practice writing review
• Letter Bag game
• Letter sound and word identification activity
• Presidents Day recognition on Tues. (short discussion, project and story)
• George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Craft
• “Duck For President” by David Sharron

Week 4: (24th-Mar. 2nd) Letter “Ss”; Dr. Seuss
Dr. Seuss’ birthday is on March 2nd! This week will be dedicated to him and some of our favorite books he wrote! The projects and stories that we read during the week will be based off of his books. We will discuss rhyming words and practice identifying them while reading Dr. Seuss’s books throughout the week.
• Letter Ss introduction (formation and sound)
• Letter Ss tracing and writing
• Letter Ss word bank
• S is for activity using straws and stickers
• “The Cat In The Hat”
• Hat Craft – making stripes on the cats hat
• “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”
• Handprint fish craft
• Fish counting and color craft
• “Green Eggs and Ham”
• Green eggs and skillet craft
• “Thing One and Ting Two”
• Handprint Thing One or Two
• Dr. Seuss pattern worksheet
• “Put Me In The Zoo”
• Leopard craft
• Dr. Seuss Counting worksheet
• Dr. Seuss Birthday celebration and craft on Friday!