Pre-K Lesson Plans for November

November in Pre-K

Artist of the Month- Leonardo da Vinci

Week of November 5-9

We will work on the letters F and G and the number 6.  Music we will work by will include The Foo Fighters, Singers named Frank, Genisis, The Goo Goo Dolls and The Go-Go’s. We will continue to work on forming two and three letter words using the letters A-G.  We will also be celebrating National Bison Day, Saxophone Day, and National Nacho Day that all happen this week. We will learn about foxes, goats and giraffes.


Week of November 12-16

We will work on the letter H and the Number 7.  We will celebrate the National and World Days that happen this week and include… World Kindness Day, National Button Day, and National Home Made Bread Day. We will listen to stories written by Hans Christian Anderson and listen to music by Hanson, Handel, Hank Williams, Harry Connick Jnr., and Hall and Oats. We will learn about horses, and hermit crabs

Week of November 19-23

We are closed Thursday and Friday of this week.  We will have a Thanksgiving shared feast on Tuesday.  We will also be celebrating Mickey Mouse’s Birthday, National Gingerbread Cookie Day and learning about Pilgrims and what life was like in the time of Pilgrims.


Week of November 26-30

The letter I and number 8 will be our focus this week.  Show and Tell items should start with the letter I . We will be learning about Iguanas. and building igloos out of sugar cubes. We will listen to Idina Menzel, Iggy Pop, Imagine Dragons, INXS, Irish Dance Music, The Isley Brothers,