Pre-K Lesson Plans

Pre-K November 2017

Week of November 6

This is the week of G and the number 7.  Some of the books we will read are “The Gold Leaf” by Kirsten Hall, “We are Growing” by Laurie Keller, “Oh Dear, Geoffrey”, and “Grandpa’s Tractor”.  On Friday, we will also talk about Veteran’s Day.  Do the children know any veterans?  Scholastic orders are due by the end of the week.


Week of November 13

November 13 is World Kindness Day.  This week we will focus on showing kindness to others throughout our day.  We will talk about being a good friend, being respectful of the adults in our lives and, and how performing acts of kindness makes ourselves feel good too.  We will read “Have you Filled a Bucket Today?” and “How Full is Your Bucket?”  We will also be reviewing our previous letters/numbers and working on writing our last names.


Week of November 20

This week, we will focus on Thanksgiving.  We will learn about the holiday and what it means to be thankful. We will read many different Thanksgiving themed books.  We will also review the letters A-G.  We will talk about what each child is doing for Thanksgiving.  Some will have a small dinner with their immediate family, some will be traveling far away to have a large family gathering.  Who will your child be seeing over the holiday weekend?  Camelot will be closed on November 23 and November 24 for the Thanksgiving holiday.


Week of November 27

This is the week of H and the number 8.  We will learn about hippopotamus and how to draw hearts.  We will read “If you Hopped like a Frog” and many other books.  We will also learn to play hopscotch!