May at Camelot

May at Camelot

Tick season has arrived. If you would like us to spray your child with bug repellant, please bring in the repellant with your child’s name written on the bottom of the bottle and we will apply before they go out. Children should wear hats and their hair tied up.

Bike riding is the last three weeks of May, every day from May 13th until May 31st. Listed below are the rules for bike riding:

No child may ride a bike without wearing a properly fitted helmet.

Write your child’s name on the helmet.

Only children that ride their bike without training wheels (but not a balance bike) are allowed to bring their bike to school.

Children can not wear tie shoes, flip flops, open toed sandals or crocks when riding bikes.

SCHOOL PHOTOS ARE TUESDAY, MAY 14TH beginning at 9:00. If your child does not normally attend on Tuesdays, please bring them to school from 9-11:30.