This month is going to have crazy weather. We will email, post on our Facebook page, and post on our website if Camelot is closed due to the weather. We generally stay open unless a State of Emergency is called AND the road conditions warrant closing.  We will definitely go out and play in the snow  if we are open so make sure your child brings their snow boots, pants, jackets mittens and hats.

We will be having a visit from the Easter Bunny and an egg hunt on Thursday, March 29th. Any child that does not normally attend Camelot on Thursday mornings is welcome to come to school for the party from 9:00-11:00.

We will be closed on Friday, March 30th for Good Friday.

Please be very aware that there is a bus stop at the end of Flower Hill Road. Do not exceed the speed limit, do not talk or text on your phone unless it is hands free and pay attention to the children waiting for their bus.