Dead Camelot Families,

I am happy to welcome back Mr. Dan, Miss Emily, Miss Michelle, and Miss Clare back for the summer. This will be their third year at Camelot and they are looking forward to another summer of fun.

The tick situation is well under control. Over the last two weeks there have been very few ticks found. Oddly enough, the ticks that have been found tend to be on the same few children.  We will continue to check everyone every time they come in from outside and will be paying particular attention to the children that seem to be “tick magnets”. If your child is one of the lucky few that seem to attract ticks, we will let you know and we will check them more frequently.

It is sunscreen time again. Parents should apply sunscreen in the morning. Please know that the children go out for 30 minutes in the morning and the playground is more than 50 % shaded at that time. Prior to going out in the afternoon, teachers will apply sunscreen onto all children that bring sunscreen in to school. Each group usually is out for at least one hour between 2:00-6:00pm. Please label your child’s sunscreen.

Camelot graduation will be held on Friday, June 23rd at 5:30 pm at the school. If your child is in Pre-K and doesn’t attend that day, or only attends half day, they should be at Camelot by 3:00 to prepare for graduation.  If your child is not in Pre-K, please pick them up no later than 5:00 pm on June 23rd.

Bike riding will be every day from June 19th-30th.  We will supply bikes of a variety of sizes, and the children will ride bikes that are age appropriate for them. Children should bring in a helmet to wear if they want to ride. No child can ride without a helmet and children can’t share helmets. Please ensure that the helmet fits properly,and that the helmet is clearly labeled with your child’s name on it. Children may only bring their bike to school if they are riding a two wheeler WITHOUT training wheels.

Please make sure that your child is wearing proper shoes for playing on the playground and riding bikes during the last two weeks of June. Sandals and crocs are harder to run in and are terrible when the bikes come out.  Pack sneakers if your child doesn’t want to wear sneakers to school and they can change when they go outside.
Looking forward to the nicer weather!
Susan Galli