There’s more to school than school work.  Camelot provides many extracurricular activities throughout the year, almost all for no extra cost!  (The only out-of-pocket cost is for transportation for field trips.)

Holiday celebrations and parties.  Camelot will not pass up an excuse to throw a good party.  Not only does it provide a break from the routine, it also provides the opportunity to learn about other cultures, meet the other Camelot families and meet your children’s classmates. We have some parties during the day and also hold parties for the whole family in the evenings. We enjoy celebrating everything and also getting together  to watch a movie or enjoy ice cream.

Athletics.  Soccer in the fall,Gymnastics in the winter, t-ball, tricycles and bicycles in the spring, swimming pool and water slides in the summer.  Athletics help develop a child’s strength, balance, coordination, and self-confidence. We offer twice weekly physical education and daily active play.

Field trips.  We go apple and pumpkin picking in the fall as well as a trip to a park in the spring for a day of activities including a BBQ, marshmallow t-ball and water balloon toss.

Special guests.  Camelot brings in special guests frequently. We enjoy having musicians, magicians, speakers from the nature center, fire trucks , police, dentists and veterinarians.

Circus  After gymnastics finishes for the winter, we have a week of learning circus skills and then put on the greatest show on earth! After the show we have a carnival complete with games and cotton candy.