Friday October 30th in the ABC’s

Happy Friday! This morning we read “Aaaarrgghh! Spider!”. To go along with our spider book that we read we made spider webs. To practice our fine motor skills we used paper plates with hold punched along the edges and white string to lace in and out of the holes, we then added spider rings to our webs. We also made witches hats. We decorated pumpkins with googley eyes and pompoms to bring to the senior center later this afternoon. During circle time we made a list of words that being with G and practiced with our latter flash cards again. We also enjoyed singing “5 Little Pumpkins” and “The Witches Brew” with Ms. Asim. While we were outside we had fun making piles with all of the leaves that have fallen from the trees. For snack we had delicious pumpkin cookies made by Henry’s mom, thank you! For lunch we had meatballs, rolls, veggie sticks, fries, carrots, peaches, cheese sticks and applesauce. Have a great weekend and a very Happy Halloween!