Wednesday, June 19th in Pre-K

We are all so excited for Graduation Day this Friday, June 21st! The Pre-K bus to PEAC Turf by 1:00pm, and the graduation will commence at 2:00pm. The gradutation should last about 30 minutes and then we will have the rest of the time to eat, play games and do […]

Wednesday June 19th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we continued our picnic discussions. We reviewed healthy food and non healthy foods and grouped them into piles. We played a picnic toss game using our kitchen foods and practiced throwing them from different distances. We played follow the leader to help work on our listening […]

Monday, June 17th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms. Cara we introduced number 10. We practiced counting to 10, tracing 10 and coloring 10 flowers. The children also enjoyed building with blocks, using the spelling boards and working together to do puzzles. During circle time we read “Curious George Flies A Kite”. With Miss Erin […]

Wednesday, June 12th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we practiced counting to 9 and completed a number 9 tracing and coloring sheet. We reviewed the letters in the word “Dad” and used the dry erase boards to practice writing the word. The children also continued working on special gifts for dad which will […]

Tuesday, June 4th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms. Cara we introduced number 8. We practiced counting to eight and completed a number eight tracing and coloring sheet. The children also enjoyed using pattern boards, candy connectors and building with legos. During circle time we introduced June and identified the letters in June, we also […]

Monday, June 3rd in Pre-K

We had an eventful morning, discussing what we were going to wear for the MOCA Art Show this Friday, June 7th at 7pm. We also sang our Vowel Letter Song to the tune of “Bingo”. In Mrs. Susan’s class, Pre-K circled all the vowels they saw on the board. Mrs. […]

Thursday, May 30th in Pre-K

Pre-K focused on letter formation, uppercase and lowercase, today. While waiting to do worksheets, the class used wiki-sticks to form as many letters as they could and worked together on word puzzles. The class is so excited for our art show on Friday, June 7th at 7-9pm! They made some […]

Thursday, May 30th in the ABC’s

PICTURES ARE HERE! Make sure to check your child’s cubby for them! You can pay for them online, or, if you chose not to buy them they must be returned to us by June 14th! This morning with Ms Cara we practiced tracing and writing number 7, along with finding […]

Wednesday May 29th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we continued to discuss ways we could be a good/ kind friend. Our friends came up with some great ideas. We keep reminding them of these ideas throughout the day to keep them aware. When we split into groups we worked on sorting pictures of food […]

Wednesday, May 29th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we read “The Life Cycle Of A Plant” and discussed what plants need to grow. We used gems to make the number 7 and talked about the number of lines in the number. The children also enjoyed playing with dominoes, coloring with our new dry […]