Tuesday October 22nd in the 123 class   Recently updated !

Today in the 123 class we did a shape And color review using flash cards. After we were finished we worked on gluing familiar shapes to a worksheet one at a time. We read a story called “Square Pumpkin” and discussed how it’s ok to be different after we read. […]

Monday October 21st in the 123’s   Recently updated !

Today in the 123 class we began our morning with a letter search. Looking for the first letter of our names. When we were finished we counted how many of each letter we were able to find. Miss Sara showed them a picture of candy corn and asked if they […]

Monday, October 21st in the ABC’s   Recently updated !

This morning with Ms Cara we introduced letter F. We discussed the number of lines in the letter and used our fine motor skills to place small foam pieces on glue to make letter F. We reviewed the letters in our name and were encouraged to try to write some […]

Friday October 18th in the 123 class   Recently updated !

Today in the 123 class we discussed Fire safety! We read a story about Fire safety and discussed what to do in case of a fire! We demonstrated discussed and practiced STOP DROP AND ROLL! And colored a coloring page showing these steps. We also made a shape fire truck […]

Friday October 11th in the 123’s

Today in the 123 class we began our morning with a story called, “Pumpkin Picking”. We discussed the story and the events after we read. We sang “5 Little Pumpkins”- as requested by the children! They really love acting out the motions! We worked on our 3 finger grip by […]

Thursday October 10th in the 123 class

Today the 123’s began our morning with a Story called “Pumpkins and Apples”. After we read our friends told us stories about them going apple picking or pumpkin picking with their parents. We did a movement activity acting out picking apples from trees and pulling pumpkins from vines! For our […]

Wednesday October 9th in the 123’s

Today in the 123 class with Miss Sara we continued observing and discussing The Fall Season and pumpkins! Today we read, “Mouse’s First Fall”. As we read we discussed the events in the story such as raking leaves, jumping into them, Apple picking etc. We worked on our counting skills […]

Tuesday October 8th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we read a silly story called, “Jack-O- Lanterns”. We discussed and viewed pictures of different kind/ styles of Jack-O-Lanterns. We worked to color a picture of a pumpkin orange and then glued pieces to make it look like a Jack- o- Lantern face. We counted pumpkins […]

Monday, October 7th in Pre-K

It’s D Week! Mrs. Susan’s class looked at the difference between lowercase d and lowercase b. The class became detectives and searched for d and b around the classroom using matching cards. Afterwards, the class did some Show-And-Tell for the letter D. Ms. Asim’s class will work on the number […]

Monday October 7th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we began discussing some of the fall changes we are all noticing outside. The Leaves changing colors- we viewed pictures of different trees in a fall setting. We have been noticing at lot of stink bugs outside and our friends have taken quite the interest. We […]