Thursday, February 21st in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we started our morning with a silly story called “Pig the Stinker”. We worked one-on-one at identifying letters A-R and then practiced tracing them. During circle time we reviewed calendar, practiced counting to 21, sang the ABC’s and read “Curious George’s ABC’s”. With Mr. Diego […]

Tuesday, February 19th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we ate snack and had a short discussion about Presidents Day and read “Splat the Cat for President”. We enjoying doing a letter review by playing letter BINGO! We reviewed calendar and practiced counting to 19. With Miss Erin we had music class and enjoyed […]

Friday, February 15th in Pre-K

We had a Fun Friday today, starting off with celebrating Brian’s birthday! We ate munchkins for snack as well as some of Addy’s Valentine’s Day cookies. We played new games today, including “Four Corners” with Miss Lauren and “Head Games” with Mr. Diego. We also had fun coloring the blacktop in […]

Friday, February 15th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we discussed the sound letter R makes and reviewed our list of words beginning with R. We completed a sound recognition worksheet for letter R and wrote our names on the back. The children also practiced using scissors to cut out a heart shape. During […]

Thursday, February 14th in the ABC’s

What a busy and exciting morning we had celebrating Valentines Day! With Mr Cara children enjoyed passing out their valentines cards to their friends and playing with legos, puzzles and cubes. We also enjoyed playing Simon Says and reading “Happy Valentines Day, Little Critter” and “Valentine Love Bug”. The children […]

Wednesday, February 13th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms. Cara we began making a list of words that begin with R. We practiced tracing the letter R and colored a picture of a rabbit. The children also decorated bags to put their valentines in for our card exchange tomorrow. During circle time we reviewed calendar, […]

Wednesday, February 13th in Pre-K

Today in Mrs. Susan’s class, the students went over our Valentine’s Day plans for tomorrow. We will have different Valentine’s Day themed activities, treats and crafts in the morning. If your child chooses to bring in Valentine’s cards to the class, they can! Your child can also bring in a treat if […]

Monday, February 11th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we introduced letter “Rr”. We talked about the formation of the letter and practiced tracing it. We decorated hearts for our bulletin board using markers, crayons and colored pencil. During circle time we discussed Valentines Day and how the holiday celebrates love, reviewed calendar and […]

Friday, February 8th in the ABC’s

Today the ABC’s had a very exciting morning being scientist! Gabriel’s mom is a scientist and came in to experiment with us! The children had so much fun getting messy with slime, watching dry ice create “monster bubbles”, making fake snow, using a water bottle to blow up balloons and […]

Thursday, February 7th in the ABC’s

This morning with and Cara we reviewed the sound for letter “Q” and discussed words beginning with the letter. We used Q-tips to make letter Q. During circle time we reviewed calendar, counted to 7 and used letter flash cards. We read an interactive look and find letter identification book […]