Tuesday May 28th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we discussed our long holiday weekends. A lot of friends had eventful weekends they wanted to share stories with us. When we split into groups we read “chicka chicka boom boom” and discussed the story. Our friends worked to go on letter searches around the room […]

Tuesday, May 28th in Pre-K

We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! The Pre-K started their day continuing to work on proper number formation. They completed a worksheet with Mrs. Lanigan in which they had to write the number of similar items in a section. Then, they were prompted to circle the higher […]

Tuesday, May 28th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we introduced number 7. We practiced counting to seven and completed a number 7 trace and color worksheet. The children also enjoyed  building with legos, using the spelling boards and coloring. For story time we read, “Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy” and “The Very Impatient Caterpillar”. […]

Friday, May 24th in Pre-K

This week, Pre-K focused more on number formation. Everyone improved greatly since last week, but we will continue to work on our numbers next week, along with reviewing letter formation. Today Pre-K completed two worksheets. Using a number line, each student wrote the number that came before the number pattern […]

Wednesday, May 22nd in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we used dried beans to make number 6. The children also enjoyed building with legos, using puzzle and coloring. The children also enjoyed bike riding this morning, everyone has been doing riding bikes on their own! For story time we read “The Muppets Go Camping”. […]

Monday, May 20th in Pre-K

This morning, Pre-k continued working on number formation with Mrs. Susan. Each student received a folded piece of paper, on which they had to write numbers 1 to 16. The challenge was to write the numbers without a trace to start; they had to write the numbers by looking up […]

Friday, May 17th in Pre-K

Today, Pre-K worked on their number formations and their “-and” word family. The class really focused on the difference between writing the number 2 and the number 5. Over the weekend, each student should take time to practice writing their numbers. In art class, the Pre-K did two projects. The […]

Wednesday, May 15th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara the children completed a number 5 tracing and coloring sheet, they were told to use 5 colors. They also used cubes to make groups of 5 and enjoyed using the lacing letters and building with legos. During circle time we discussed bike safety and read […]

Wednesday, May 15th in Pre-K

The Pre-K completed a numbers worksheet in which they had to group together different kinds of bugs. Then, they wrote down how many bugs were in each group. The class also continued working on their “-and” word families with Mrs. Susan. Each student wrote two words that ended with “and” […]

Monday, May 13th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms. Cara we introduced number 5. We practiced tracing number 5, counting to 5 and reviewed the letters in the word five. Since we were unable to go bike riding today we did a peddling exercise with our legs. During circle time we reviewed calendar and read […]