Friday November 6th in the ABC’s

Happy Friday! Today we finished our week of shapes by reviewing all the different shapes that we learned. We said a shape rhyme called “Shape Families” and read “Apes Find Shapes”. We also added to our list of words that begin with H. For our project we a made a square and rectangle collage to imitate famous artist Piet Mondrian’s square and cubism portrait. Our friends did a great job with the shape and number worksheet! Each shape had a number next to it, 1-5, and the children were asked to find that shape and place the corresponding amount of shapes next to each number. We completed a square shape and word tracing worksheet. We also traced and colored other shapes on a different worksheet. We also enjoyed practicing our lacing with shape lacing cards to help strengthen our fine motor skills. For lunch we had fish sticks, mashed potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cheese sticks, pineapple and mangos. Have a great weekend!