Tuesday January 26th in the ABC’s

Since all of or friends weren’t here yesterday due to the snow we introduced our theme for the week today. Our theme this week is attic animals and the letter Nn. Today we focused on penguins, we learned different facts about penguins. We Learned a finger play called “6 Little Penguins” and also read a book called “Penguins”. During circle time we also made a list of words that begin with the letter N. In my group the children made penguins for their project. They also enjoyed using lacing cards, magnets and the alphabet clothespin matching boards. In Mrs Asim’s group we completed a letter Nn tracing worksheet and also traced our names. In Mrs. Susan’s group we had snack and enjoyed reading books and working with puzzles. We had fun going out in the snow before lunch. Bring in snow gear for you child tomorrow if they would like to go out in the snow. Have a great evening!