Friday March 11th in the ABC’s

Happy Friday! What an exciting morning we had today! During circle time we discussed the sound the letter Tt makes and finished our list of words that begin with Tt. We read “Dino Football” and talked about the different used for football. With Miss Cara we made tennis rackets. We used paper plates with a Popsicle stick glued to the end for the handle, we the used markers, crayons and stickers to decorate our tennis rackets. After we finished our tennis rackets we used balloons and pretended they were tennis balls to hit and balance on the plates. With Mrs Asim our friends completed a 1-2 ball counting and recognition worksheet. We had a special guest today! Isabella’s dad came in this morning to talk to use about tennis! He explained to us how the sport is played, different equipment and tennis terms. He had us walk in a line while holding the tennis racket and balance the ball on top. He also brought us each in a t-shirt and ball to take home! Thank you!
Have a great weekend!

**Permission slips are due by March 16 for our trip to PEAC! **