Wednesday March 23rd in the ABC’s

Wow what an exciting morning we had today! For snack we had a special treat of cupcakes with a bunny peep and cookies, thank you Henry! We will have more cupcakes this after noon from Orion! Miss Jill’s pre-k class put on a awesome circus for us this morning, great job pre-k! After the circus we had a very special visit from the Easter bunny! The bunny left eggs hidden all over our play ground and our job was to go on a hunt to find 2 each! After our Easter egg hunt we came back inside to do more fun Easter activities. With Mrs Asim we enjoyed playing with plastic eggs to practice opening and closing them. We also enjoyed playing with Easter cars that Mrs Susan got for us! With Miss Cynthia the children enjoyed free playing and coloring Easter pictures! With Miss Cara we made bunny headbands. We had to glue the pink part of the bunny ear into the white, we then added eyes a nose and teeth to complete our headband! We also enjoyed reading “The Bunny of Bluebell Hill” and “Runaway Bunny”. Have a great evening!

*Don’t forget, we are closed this Friday the 25th.