Wednesday April 13th in the ABC’s

Today we had our pajama campout! During circle time we enjoyed showing off our pajamas to our friends. We discussed the sound the letter Ww makes and added to our list of words that begin with Ww. We read “The legend of the Toasted Marshmallow”, written by Hannah’s (123’s) uncle Eric. With Miss Cara we made fire scenes. We used marshmallows on a stick and red, orange and yellow to paint the fire. With Mrs. Lanigan we completed a letter Ww word classification worksheet, we were asked to color the pictures that begin with W. With Mrs. Susan we made s’mores for snack with chocolate spread, fluff as graham crackers. We also enjoyed playing in tunnels and tents set up in the jungle room! Outside we had fun blowing bubbles and drawing with chalk! Have a great evening!