Monday October 17th in the ABC’s

Happy Monday! This morning during circle time we discussed the season of Fall. We read “When the Leaf Blew In” and “Autumn Leaves”. We discussed how the leaves during this season change colors and fall from the trees. We talked about the different colors the leaves change and how every type of tree has leaves that at different shapes, sizes and colors. We introduced letter Ff and discussed the sound it makes and the how to write it. For our project we used tissue paper to decorate leaves. With Miss Nicole we had snack and practiced tracing the letter Ff. We also began discussing words that begin with F. With Miss Abbie we enjoyed playing in groups and also reviewed the letters of our name and then traced and/or wrote them!

*DON’T FORGET .. TOMORROW IS OUR TRIP TO TERHUNE ORCHARDS! PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD AT SCHOOL NO LATER THEN 9:00am so we have time to go potty and get ready before leaving!