Tuesday January 17th in the ABC’s

This morning with Miss Cara we discussed Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream for peace and equality for all. We read a short story and a poem about MLK and used water colors to paint the hand that went with the poem. did a “Crack the Egg” activity. The children were shown a brown egg and a white egg, we discussed the difference on the outside and made guesses about whether we thought they would be the same or different on the inside once crack. After cracking both egg we discovered that both eggs looked exactly the same on the inside even though they look different on the outside. We also enjoyed reading “The Sneetches” by Dr. Seuss. With Miss Nicole the children ate snack and completed a letter A-O review and trace worksheet. With Miss Abbie enjoyed playing in groups and also worked one on one to review letters. This afternoon we will celebrate Rileys 4th birthday, Happy Birthday Riley!! Have a great evening!