Thursday April 20th in the ABC’s

This morning with Miss Cara we read “Rain Talk”. We talked about the different signs that we see outside and in the sky that give us hints that it might rain, dark clouds and wind. We discussed how April is typically a very rainy month, and with the rain comes flowers, “April showers bring May flowers”. We also talked about the after effect of rain, when we some times see a rainbow. We looked for a rainbow this morning after the rain stopped but did not see one. We made rain clouds and rain drops for our project using cotton balls. During circle time we sang “rain, rain go away” and also learned a song about spring. Miss Bridget talked to us about what causes it to rain. We also used playdough to make the letter X and number 2. With Miss Nicole the children ate snack and completed a number 2 color, trace and write worksheet. This afternoon we will celebrate Jordyns 4th birthday with cupcakes, happy birthday Jordyn!