Monday April 24th in the ABC’s

Today we started our week long celebration of “Week of the Young Child” with music and Mother Nature Monday! With Miss Cara we made rain sticks to make music with. We used real bamboo that Miss Cara’s dad helped cut for us. We added our choice of beans or rice to the bamboo, then closed up the other end. We learned that bamboo is a type of grass, the strongest grass and is hallow inside. We also got to look at bamboo paper that was inside the bamboo poles. During circle time we read “How to Help the Earth” by the Lorax. With Miss Nicole the children ate snack and enjoyed playing in groups. We had a special visit from Eyes of the Wild who brought in 6 different animals for us to see and learn about. Have a great evening!
* tomorrow is Tricky Tuesday where we will get to enjoy a magic show!