Monday August 21st at Camelot

This morning the 123’s enjoyed playing inside with trains and baby dolls. The ABC’s and Pre-K children enjoyed playing outside this morning. For snack we celebrated Mr. Dan’s birthday with yummy cupcakes. With Miss Susan the children enjoyed playing in groups and making spin art, (the spin art is in the children’s cubbies but is very wet so be careful when reaching in the cubbies. With Miss Cara the children made NASA approved solar eclipse viewers with cereal boxes and decorated them with stickers. The children will be taken out one at a time with a teacher to view the solar eclipse, unless stated by parents that they didn’t want their child going out. For lunch we had turkey, ham, cheese sticks, tortilla chips, pepperoni, yogurt, granola, cucumbers, bananas, pears, veggie sticks, hummus. Have a great evening!