Friday, October 12th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms. Cara we finished up with the letter “E”. We reviewed the number of lines in the letter, our list of words that begin with “E” and the sound it makes. The children enjoyed using the dry erase boards to write the letter on their own. They also worked on strengthening their fine motor skills by lacing beads on a string. We worked one-on-one at identifying the letters of our name and then finding and coloring those letters on a worksheet. During circle time we discussed what it means to “stop, drop, and roll” and how/when to do it. We sang the 9-1-1 song and read, “Fire Engine Number 9”. With Mrs. Lanigan the children used markers to color in the numbers 9-1-1; they were encouraged to take their time to try and stay in the lines. They also practiced tracing their names and were encouraged to try to write some of their letters on their own!
With Mrs. Asim the children reviewed calendar, and made fire extinguishers for their project.
Have a great weekend!