Monday, February 11th in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms Cara we introduced letter “Rr”. We talked about the formation of the letter and practiced tracing it. We decorated hearts for our bulletin board using markers, crayons and colored pencil. During circle time we discussed Valentines Day and how the holiday celebrates love, reviewed calendar and practiced counting to 11. We read “The 12 Days of Valentines” and learned a finger play called “5 Little Valentines”. The children also enjoyed building with legos, drawing with the dry erase boards, playing with puzzles and using the letter magnets. With Mrs Lanigan the children made pattern hearts using cut pieces of fabric, they were asked to try to create a pattern with the fabric. They also practiced spelling and tracing the word “love”. Mrs Asim’s group introduced letter R and practiced tracing it. They made paper plate heart hats that they decorated with paint and traced numbers 1-6. Have a great evening!