Monday, April 15th in the ABC’s

This morning we started our day by celebrating Abby’s birthday with a special cupcake snack! With Ms. Cara we introduced letter “Zz”, we discussed the number of lines in the letter and practiced tracing it. On the back of our worksheet we reviewed the letters in our first and last name and practiced writing them. The children also enjoyed playing with a zoo puzzle, using the colored bears and building with blocks. During circle time we reviewed calendar, danced to the “bunny pokey”, and read “Catch That Egg”. With Miss Jenna the children made Easter eggs for their project. They used scissors to cut out the eggs and water color paints to decorate them. Mrs Asim’s group introduced letter “Zz”, cur out an egg shape and used tissue paper and glitter to decorate. They also read “Danny’s Easter Egg”. Scholastic Book Orders are due Friday. Have a great evening!