Monday the 3rd in the ABC class

There is a game in your child’s cubby that I hope you get a chance to play tonight.  Your child throws all of the cards that are in the bag in the air.  You and your child count all of the cards that land face up. Then count the cards that are leaves and the cards that are pumpkins and decide if there are more pumpkins or leaves.  A writing sample is also in your child’s cubby. We will be working on correct pencil grip, letter formation and spelling of each child’s name.  Everyone is at a different stage and we will challenge each of them a little bit every day until they can write their full first and last name using the correct case for each letter.  We listened to a few songs from musicals (other than Frozen) today and will listen to different ones each day this week. Lunch today was grilled cheese sandwiches and organic tomato soup, raisins, bananas, apples, cucumbers and crackers for the soup.