Mrs. Susan

Thursday, January 18th

We had another gymnastics class with Mrs. Susan as well as a review of all yoga poses with Miss Jessica. We started  new art project with Miss Jessica and played a storytelling game with Miss Erin. Miss Denise is still out and is planning on returning on Monday.

Wednesday, January 17 in Pre-K

We still have children and Mrs. Denise out with the flu.  I spoke with the Township Health Nurse and she confirmed with me that there is a serious flu outbreak in Mercer County and that the strain most prevalent is not the one that the flu shot prevents. She did say […]

Tuesday, January 16th in Pre-K

Mrs. Denise and many of the Pre-K class were out sick with the flu today. We will keep you posted with health updates. Miss Jessica did music and played group games like “hide the ball”. With Miss Abbie the children did review worksheets of the numbers 1-12, worked on sequences […]

Wednesday, January 10th in the ABC Class

This morning we had our first gymnastics class with Mrs. Susan! We will have gymnastics every Wednesday. Please make sure to send your child to school in clothes appropriate for gymnastics, no stockings, dresses or constrictive clothing. Gymnastics is the perfect time for the children to practice putting on and […]