Mrs. Susan

Thursday, April 12th in Pre-K

Today we did yoga with Miss Jessica and more money work with Miss Abby. With Mrs. Susan we played a dictionary game and guessed the U and V words she was describing. She also told us the story of the Ugly duckling and we listened to the Volcano song.

Today in Pre-K

More money with Miss Abby! We practiced sorting and counting coins. With Mrs. Susan we did U and V worksheets and made lists of words that have u or v in them. With Miss Jessica we played a game called control your sillies and finished our unicorn headbands.  We also […]

Tuesday, April 19th in Pre-K

Happy Birthday Sequoah, thank you for bringing  in cupcakes that came with rings! We had music class today and Miss Jessica played her ukulele. Makenzie brought her ukulele in and Miss Jessica showed her a few notes and Makenzie played a duet with Miss Jessica. With Mrs. Susan we drew the letter […]

April 9th in Pre-K

Today we made unicorn headbands with Miss Jessica and with Miss Abby we worked with money. With Mrs. Susan we used popsicle sticks and yarn and made all of the letters of the alphabet, used white boards to write down words that start with the letters U or V and […]

Wednesday in Pre-K

With Mrs. Susan, we painted the project we made earlier in the week using air drying clay and reviewed our letter sounds. With Miss Jessica, we made a giant rattle snake and hung it up in the classrooms to greet Mrs. Denise when she comes back from spring break. With Miss Abby we worked on […]

April 3rd in Pre-K

Today we played Happy Salmon with Miss Erin, and had music class with Miss Jessica. Miss Jessica taught us about rhythm as well as singing some of our favorite songs. With Mrs. Susan we played the encyclopedia game. Mrs. Susan would show us pictures from one of the encyclopedia books and we had to […]

Thursday, January 18th

We had another gymnastics class with Mrs. Susan as well as a review of all yoga poses with Miss Jessica. We started  new art project with Miss Jessica and played a storytelling game with Miss Erin. Miss Denise is still out and is planning on returning on Monday.