Mrs. Susan

Friday, March 8th in Pre-K

During circle this morning we talked about the fact that every day of the week ends with day in it’s name but every month does not end with the word month in it’s name….Junemonth, Julymonth. We did a worksheet and talked about the letter T with Mrs. Susan and she […]

Wednesday, March 6th in Pre-K

In music class we learned about the brass instruments and painted trumpets using puffy paint and shimmer paint.  With Mrs. Susan we worked on the letter T. We also played a game, Mrs. Susan would spell words using sign language, we would say the letters as she spelled them and […]

Tuesday, March 5th in Pre-K

Mrs. Lanigan and Mr. Diego lead the class in working on the number 19. One worksheet focused on forming the number: color the number 19 and write out 19. The next worksheet was an activity to make 19 dots on a giraffe. On the back of the second worksheet, each […]

Monday, March 4th in Pre-K

Today we started our morning off by going outside to play in the snow (if we had our snow gear). We began working on the letter T, did a letter T worksheet and we made cool orange tigers.  We discussed Monet, what kind of art he made and that his […]