Mrs. Susan

Thursday, October 18th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan’s class worked on the letter “E” by using silly putty. They also worked on words that start with the letter “B” and end with the letter “D”, such as “bed” and “bud”, all while listening to Ella Fitzgerald’s greatest hits. Mrs. Lanigan’s class counted to the number 6 by using […]

Wednesday, October 17th in the ABC Class   Recently updated !

What a fantastic day! The fire department came and we got to look at their truck and they told us all about the different pieces of equipment on the trucks.  Addy’s Dad was one of the firemen! The firemen read us a story about fire safety and then one of […]

Wednesday, October 17th in Pre-K

Pre-K couldn’t contain themselves while waiting for the Firetruck today! We had shorter classes to compensate for the special visit. Miss Abbie had the class trace the number 5. They also made an effort to write the number 5 themselves without using a trace. Miss Erin went over fire safety with […]

Tuesday, October 16th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan reinforced the formation of the lowercase letter “e” with the class today. They also continued focus on the difference between “b” and “d” by writing the word “bed”. The class used wiki sticks and dry erase boards to further practice the formation of these letters. Miss Abbie organized a counting game for […]

Friday, October 12th in the Pre-K class

With Miss Abbie we played four square.  We used our amazing counting skills and practiced addition and subtraction too.  Mr. Diego had a dance party and we played different dance games, and danced to different styles of music.  We danced to ball room, classical, jazz, hip hop, disco and Broadway show […]

Thursday, October 11th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan’s class continued to work on the difference between B and D by using magic windows. They also formed the letters using wicki sticks. Mrs. Lanigan worked on the number 5 with the class by way of an ice cream activity. Each student had to match the numbers to […]