Monday, October 7th in Pre-K

It’s D Week! Mrs. Susan’s class looked at the difference between lowercase d and lowercase b. The class became detectives and searched for d and b around the classroom using matching cards. Afterwards, the class did some Show-And-Tell for the letter D. Ms. Asim’s class will work on the number […]

Wednesday, October 2nd in Pre-K

Today, the class went outside with Mrs. Susan to use chalk paint! The worked on the letter C and they made cities by rolling different patterns of the chalk paint onto paper. Ms. Asim’s class talked about how butterflies are formed! They watched a cute cartoon on how they start […]

Tuesday, October 1st in Pre-K

The Pre-K continued C week by forming uppercase C and lowercase c with Cookie Crisp and Count Chocula cereal. Mrs. Susan asked them to make a pattern, alternating between the two types of cereal. Then, Mrs. Susan guided the class in making a cat again to see everyone’s cat-drawing improvement! […]

Monday, September 30th in Pre-K

This week, the Pre-K will focus on the letter C! Mrs. Susan drew some animals and objects that started with C and the class had to guess what the word was. The class also learned how to draw a cat, starting with only a triangle. Afterwards, Mrs. Susan read the […]

Thursday 9/26 and Friday Preview in Pre-K

Today, the Pre-K traced and wrote Bb and circled pictures that started with Bb with Mrs. Lanigan. Tomorrow, the Pre-K will continue tracing Bb using blue, black and brown colors. Then, they will identify and color uppercase B and lowercase b with blue, black and brown colors. Afterwards, the class […]

Wednesday, September 25th in Pre-K

Today, Pre-K continued with the letter B in Mrs. Susan’s class. They colored their dry clay B’s. Ask your child about the Magic B Trick! Afterwards, the class had fun playing with different sized beach balls outside. Ms. Asim explained liquid and solid to the class today; they observed that […]

Tuesday, September 24th in Pre-K

Today, we continued with the letter B with Mrs. Susan. The class used wiki sticks and magnet pieces to form uppercase B and lowercase b. The class also traced B with dry-erase boards. Afterwards, Mrs. Susan read them a story and conducted Show-and-Tell. Ms. Asim’s class continued with shapes today, […]

Monday, September 16th in Pre-K

Today, we started our first letter of the week: A! Mrs. Susan wrote down any words the class could think of that started with the letter A. They practiced forming uppercase A and lowercase a using wiki-sticks, then Mrs. Susan read them a story called Apples, Apples, Apples by Nancy […]

Wednesday, September 11th in Pre-K

Today, Mrs. Susan taught the class the how to be humble winners and respectful losers when playing games. The class played “War”, the card game, using huge playing cards. Then, the class played a game of Alphabet Bingo; the class waited until everyone’s boards were covered. Mrs. Susan also read […]