Pre-K: Tuesday March 20, 2018

This morning we talked about the first day of spring!  We modeled the positioning of the Earth and sun using our globe and a ball.  It was very interesting! Mrs. Denise’s Group – We read “Wake Up, it’s Spring”.  Then we practiced writing upper and lower case S.  As always, […]

Pre-K: Monday March 19, 2018

We welcome our new student, Kosei from Japan! Mrs. Denise’s Group – We introduced our new letter “S” today.  Then we discussed what the word “stray” means followed by a reading of “The Stray Dog”.  Willy sure was lucky to be taken in by a loving family!  We then practiced […]

Pre-K: Friday, March 16, 2018

We sure had a lucky day, today!  Overnight, a leprechaun came out of the magical forest and left some magical rocks on our playground!  This morning, we went searching for them. We brought them inside and used the special stinky potion (vinegar) to reveal a golden coin.  While the magic […]

Pre-K: Thursday March 15, 2018

This morning we broke apart white light into the colors of the rainbow!  We shined a flashlight onto a CD and were amazed by the results!  Children were able to repeat the experiment throughout the day on their own.  Many even made their own “CD”s with rainbow colors on them […]

Pre-K: Tuesday March 13, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Class – Today we read the story “Rapunzel” by Chloe Perkins.  Instead of the traditional Disney version, the setting was in India. We located India on the globe and noticed how far away it it.  We talked about how the opposite side of the world experiences night while […]

Pre-K: Thursday, March 8, 2018

We started our morning out slowly since our class arrived at various times. First, we came together for a group snack. Mrs. Denise’s Group – We reviewed our letter sounds and sight words.  Then we read “Curious George Makes Pancakes”.  Finally, we practiced writing the letter q. Mrs. Susan’s Group/ […]