Tuesday, April 25th in Pre-K   Recently updated !

Today in Pre-K, the class worked on listening and following directions by completing an ordinal number worksheet. The students read the directions with Mrs. Lanigan, prompting them to color a particular scoop a particular color. At the very bottom, they wrote down the color that they made their ice cream […]

Monday, April 22nd in Pre-K   Recently updated !

Happy Earth Day! Today, the Pre-K took advantage of the weather in the morning and went outside to play. Afterwards, Mrs. Susan read the class two Pigeon Detective books. The class also worked on their “-at” word family (i.e. Bat, Cat, Hat,…). The class wrote their “-at” words on dry […]

Tuesday, April 16th in Pre-K   Recently updated !

Today, Pre-K started off the day with a silly story called The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak. In Mrs. Susan’s class, Pre-K reviewed and added to our Z word list. Afterwards, the class wrote zeros to match up the written number on a flash card to make ten, […]

Monday, April 15th in Pre-K   Recently updated !

We are all excited for this week’s events, as Pre-K discussed about this morning. Black Panther will be coming to Camelot on Wednesday and the Easter Bunny will be here on Thursday. Every student is welcome to join us for these morning events, even if your child doesn’t normally come […]

Thursday, April 11th in Pre-K

What an exciting day in Pre-K! Everyone had a chance to play in the bouncy house today! We will even have a chance to play in the bouncy house again after nap! The Pre-K completed three worksheets with Mrs. Lanigan. On the first worksheet, the class traced and wrote uppercase […]

Tuesday, April 9th in Pre-K

Tricky Tuesday started with a magic show from the Amazing Mr. Dennis! Some students were chosen to help out with the magician’s tricks. Frankie, Luke, Bryan and Olivia were one of the few who became junior assistants for Mr. Dennis. After the magic show, Miss Lauren showed the class a […]

Monday, April 8th in Pre-K

We had a very exciting Music Monday! Mrs. Susan’s class introduced the letter Yy by making a list of Y words and completing a letter worksheet. Afterwards, the class created guitars out of bowls, plastic cups and rubber bands. Each student designed their guitar uniquely and Mrs. Susan helped them […]

Friday, April 5th in Pre-K

Today, Pre-K completed an X worksheet, in which they practiced writing X, colored a fox in the lines, and cut and pasted words that have X in them. Miss Lauren’s class created two butterflies using big coffee filters and colorful clothes pins. Each student will bring one home and one […]

Thursday, April 4th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan conducted gymnastics this morning for those in Pre-K that were not here yesterday afternoon. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board for your child to showcase what they have been learning in gymnastics! The demonstrations will be held next Friday, April 12th. Today, Pre-K worked on […]

Wednesday, April 3rd in Pre-K

Today, Pre-K started off with a treat for snack. Thank you, Layla and Ellie, for the delicious cupcakes! Afterwards, Pre-K did a worksheet about the letter X; they had to trace and write uppercase X and lowercase x. On the back of their worksheet, the class wrote three words that […]