Monday, September 17 in Pre-K   Recently updated !

Mrs. Susan started the Alphabet of the Week with the letter A. She read a funny book about the alphabet to the students. Afterwards, they went over the homework packet process; there are directions for students and parents inside the homework folders, located in each cubby. Mrs. Susan was very proud of how well the class was with […]

Gene Galli

Gene Galli passed away peacefully, in his home, with his family by his side, on Saturday evening. The details concerning the viewing will be posted later today.Gene and Rose Galli founded Camelot in 1969.He will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

September 13th in Pre-K

Sorry, the internet wasn’t working at school yesterday. Happy Birthday Isla! Thank you very much for the donuts. With Mrs. Lanigan we had a taste test of apple cider or honey crisp apple  seltzer….the reviews were mixed.  We also did a shape review worksheet.  Mrs. Susan did calendar, read a book about […]

Pre-K Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

Mrs. Susan read a book about sunflowers. Afterwards, she had the students grab their pencil boxes and draw a picture of a sunflower. The objective with the project was directed and creative expression. Miss Susan directed the students to make a sunflower using the correct colors. They also had an opportunity to use our new paint […]

September 10th in Pre-K

Today is part of the Rosh Hashanah holiday. The students tried traditional Rosh Hashanah foods for snack, such as challah bread, pomegranate seeds and pomegranate juice. For lunch, we served fish sticks to keep true to the special Jewish holiday. Mrs. Susan read Flight School by Lita Judge. The book was […]

September 7th in Pre-K

Grandparent’s Day is Sunday, September 9th. We made something special for one of your child’s grandparents to put on the fridge. We also read two books about grandparents.  We had a great circle time reviewing the calendar and talking about the seasons.  We also got extra time outside before school started […]

September 6th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan read a book to the class called “Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?” and talked about how ready everyone will be for Kindergarten after they graduate from Pre-K !  After circle, each person in the class stated their name, the first letter of their name and their favorite animal. The other children […]

Wednesday, September 5th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan told the class a story about a cat going to kindergarten so they know what is expected of for the next year. The students also sang songs about the calendar. As a writing activity, each of the children picked which type of pencil they wanted to use and showed Mrs. […]

September 4th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan told the students the story of Camelot School and how it came to be fifty years ago. Before the school was built, the land used to be a magical forest with magical trees. Mrs. Susan also went over daily procedures with the students, such as roll call, the Pledge of Allegiance, […]