Friday, February 15th in Pre-K

We had a Fun Friday today, starting off with celebrating Brian’s birthday! We ate munchkins for snack as well as some of Addy’s Valentine’s Day cookies. We played new games today, including “Four Corners” with Miss Lauren and “Head Games” with Mr. Diego. We also had fun coloring the blacktop in […]

Wednesday, February 13th in Pre-K

Today in Mrs. Susan’s class, the students went over our Valentine’s Day plans for tomorrow. We will have different Valentine’s Day themed activities, treats and crafts in the morning. If your child chooses to bring in Valentine’s cards to the class, they can! Your child can also bring in a treat if […]

Tuesday, February 5th in Pre-K

It was Pajama Day today! We played some games, including an indoor snowball fight! Mrs. Lanigan worked on the number 15 with the class today. On the back of their number worksheet, the class was prompted to write three words that start with the letter “P”. Miss Lauren’s class made […]

Monday, February 4th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan went over words that start with the letter “P” today. The class put together a P list, they worked on the letter P is sign language and completed a P worksheet. The class also talked about pajama day, which will be tomorrow! Miss Lauren’s class created a peacock because it […]

Friday, February 1st in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan went over our O list with the class for the last time. With Mr. Diego’s help, each student wrote their names at the top of a page, wrote “Pajama Day is Tuesday, February 5th” in the middle, and drew a picture at the bottom. Miss Lauren’s class cut […]

Wednesday, January 30th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan’s class completed an O worksheet, in which they traced and wrote upper and lower case O. On the back, each student wrote three words that began with O. Miss Lauren’s class made hand drums today for percussion month in Music class. Miss Erin reviewed different types of percussion and […]

Monday, January 28th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan introduced the letter O to the class today. They made a list of O words and reviewed the alphabet in sign language up to the letter O. Mrs. Susan read a story to the class called “One of Each” by Mary Ann Hoberman and went over months and […]

Thursday, January 24th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan lead Gymnastics in the morning for those that were not able to be there yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Lanigan’s class completed a letter “N” worksheet; they had to form the letter at the top, then copy and paste pictures of items that started with the letter “N”. Miss Lauren’s […]

Wednesday, January 23rd in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Lanigan’s class continued working on the letter “N” and the number “13”. The class practiced “N” in sign language and read a few books that focused on “N”. They also did a number 13 worksheet and read a book about counting by ten. Miss Lauren’s class […]

Tuesday, January 21st in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Lanigan went over the letter “N” with the class today. They made a list of words that begin with the letter “N”. They also worked on a worksheet with the number 13. They even had time to sneak in the number 14! Miss Lauren helped the […]