Tuesday November 24th in the ABC’s

Today during circle time we read “What Is Thanksgiving Day” By Margot Parker. We discussed how it’s important to be thankful for all that we have, not just on Thanksgiving but everyday. We learned a few Thanksgiving songs, “Thanksgiving Things” and “Who Am I”. We made apple turnovers today to share with Ms. Jills class for snack tomorrow. We used crescent rolls and spooned Apple filling onto the dough then rolled it to make it into a turnover. For our project we made cornucopias, we colored pictures of fruits and vegetables then cut them out to glue on to the cornucopia. We also reviewed the proper way to form the letter K, then practiced tracing it with Ms. Asim. We celebrated Ms. Susan’s birthday for snack and had cupcakes. For lunch we had cold cuts, rolls, cheese sticks, veggie sticks, cucumbers, carrots, apples and bananas. Have a great night!