Wednesday November 25th in the ABC’s

Today during circle time we read “We Gather Together… Now Please Get Lost!”. We spoke about Thanksgiving and talked about what our plans for tomorrow are and where we are eating. We learned a song called “One Little, Two Little Turkeys”. After reviewing patters during circle time the children were encouraged to try to make a pattern when they were coloring their Native American headbands, after cooling them they then were able to choose a feather for the headband. We spelled out the work Thanksgiving and then used markers to trace over the word. We also completed a feather counting worksheet. The children were asked to look at the number on each turkey and to color that many feathers on the turkey. For snack we had munchkins that Sloane’s brought in for us, thank you! For lunch we had macaroni and cheese, cucumbers and bananas. We also had our shared snack of Apple turnovers, corn muffins made by Ms. Jills class and chocolate pudding by the 123’s. Have a great night and a very happy Thanksgiving!