Friday January 15th in the ABC’s

Happy Friday! Today we enjoyed talking about winter appeal, particularly focusing on hats, we talked about our favorite winter hats to wear. We learned a song about January and read a poem called “Warming up”. We enjoyed reading “One Winters Day”. For our project we made hats. We used half of a paper plate, a pompom for the top of the hat, we then used stickers, foam shapes and stickers and crayons to decorate our hats. We also enjoyed using our alphabet matching boards. We had to look at the pictures or letters on the board and match the correct lettered clothes pin with it. With Ms. Asim we practiced tracing letters G-L. We also completed a shape recognition worksheet. With Ms. Abby we enjoyed using play dough to make our letters and names with. For lunch we had chicken, rolls, cheese, cucumbers, corn, yogurt, carrots and peaches. Have a great weekend!

*We are closed Monday the 18th