Tuesday January 19th in the ABC’s

This morning we talked about Martin Luther King Jr. We discussed his importance and how he had a dream that all people should we treated equally. We discussed the importances of treating all of our friends with kindness and respect. We read “Sneetches” by Dr. Seuss, a book about treating other fairly. We also learned two poems about Martin Luther King Jr. called “My Own Two Hands” and “I have A Dream”. During circle time we introduced our theme and letter of the week; construction and the letter M. We made a list of words that begin with M. For our project we made a friendship handprint wreath because “We are all fiends” and should treat everyone equally. We also enjoyed building with Legos. Wth Ms. Asim we practiced tracing the letter M. For lunch we had French toast sticks, eggs, tater tots, bananas, yogurt and sausage. Have a great evening!