Monday February 1st in the ABC’s

Happy Monday! This morning we introduced our theme for the week, snow and the letter Oo. We discussed who likes to go in the snow and the different kinds of snow activities. We read “Cat and Mouse In The Snow” and also learned a rhyme called “snow balls”. We also made a list of words that begin with the letter Oo, which we will keep adding to throughout the week. In Ms. Cara’s group we did a snowflake matching activity for our project. We were given 6 snowflakes that were each cut in half, we then were asked to match each with its correct half. With Ms. Asim the children had snack and also completed a letter Oo tracing worksheet. With Ms. Casey the children enjoyed free play and also used flash cards to practice our number recognition. For lunch the children had meatballs, rolls, corn cucumbers, carrots, veggie sticks, bananas and oranges. Have a great night!