Monday February 8th in the ABC’s

Happy Monday! This morning we introduced our theme for the week, Valentines Day and the letter P. We discussed the shape that represents Valentine’s Day, the heart. We discussed different words that begin with the letter Pp to start making a list with. We also starting discussing patterns, which we will be focusing on the next two weeks. We read “Arthur’s First Valentine’s”. In Ms. Cara’s group we began working on a special valentines present. We also enjoyed working in groups to complete puzzles and using pattern boards. With Ms. Asim the children completed a letter Pp tracing worksheet. The children also practiced with scissors to cut out hearts. In Ms. Caisey’s group the children had snack and enjoyed free play. We had breakfast for lunch, eggs, pancakes, waffles, tater tots, turkey sausage, peaches and bananas. Have a great night!