Tuesday February 9th in the ABC’s

This morning we continued discussing patterns and making patterns on our own. We discussed the sound the letter Pp makes and added to our list of words that begin with Pp. We learned a finger play called “5 Big Valentines”. We also enjoyed reading “The Ballad of Valentines”. With Miss Cara we made hearts for our project using ripped up pieces of tissue paper and construction paper. We used the pattern play blocks to follow the different patterns shown on cards. With Miss Asim the children used the wipe off boards and dry erase markers to form the letter Pp. They also completed a letter Pp worksheet where they were asked to color the pictures that begin with Pp. In Miss Abby’s group the children had snack and enjoyed free play. For lunch the children ate macaroni and cheese, cucumbers, peach, apples and carrots. Have a great evening!

*Don’t forget, our valentines celebration is this Friday the 12th from 9:30-10:30