Friday February 12th in the ABC’s

Happy Friday! What a busy and exciting morning we had! We started our day with a special snack, thank you to the parents who brought in treats for our party! We had munchkins and cupcakes this morning and will have cookies and cupcakes this afternoon. After snack we passed out our valentines to our friends. With Miss Cara we made paper plate heart hats and decorated then with stickers, markers and crayons. We also used candy hearts to outlined a heart. With Mrs. Asim the children enjoyed free play and also made “What Does the Fox Say” Valentine crafts, thank you to Henrys mom for bringing them in! During circle time we discussed the sound the letter Pp makes, we then went around the room and each said a word that begins with P. We learned a counting Valentine finger play and also a poem called “I’m A Little Valentine”. We read “The Night Before Valentines Day”. We did a dancing candy heart experiment. We mixed baking soda, vinegar and candy hearts in a jar. The vinegar when added caused the baking soda to fizz and the candy hearts go up to make it look like they were dancing. For lunch we had chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, corn, peaches, pineapple, peppers and apple sauce. Have a great weekend!

*Don’t forget we are closed Monday the 15th for Presidents Day!