Tuesday February 16th in the ABC’s

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! This week we will be learning about some of our favorite children’s authors. We will also introduce the letter Qq. Today we discussed Presidents Day. We discussed where the president lives and what he does. I asked my friends what they would do if they were president. We learned a finger play called “George Washington” and also learned a poem called “Lincoln”. We read “Duck for President” by David Shannon. We also read “My Q Book” to begin introducing words that begin with Qq into our vocabulary. With Miss Cara we pretended we were presidents. We used paper plates and hat cut outs to make George Washington and Abraham Lincoln faces for our project. We also used the colored bears to make patterns with. With Mrs Asim the children completed a letter Qq tracing worksheet and also traced or wrote their name. They also enjoyed free play. With Miss Abby the children had snack, practiced cutting with scissors and reviewed their letter with flash cards. For lunch we had buttered noodles, chicken grapes, carrots and cucumbers. Have a great evening!