Monday February 22nd in the ABC’s

Happy Monday! This morning during circle time we introduced our themes for the week, nursery rhymes and the letter Rr. Today we read “There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe”. We discussed rhyming words during circle time and will continue talking about them throughout the week. We introduced the letter Rr and began making a list of words that begin with R. With Miss Cara we made shoe houses for our project to go along with today’s nursery rhyme. We also used the wipe off boards and dry erase markers to practice writing the letter Rr. With Mrs Asim the children completed a letter Rr tracing worksheet, they also practiced tracing or writing their names. With Miss Casiey they children had snack and enjoyed free play. For lunch we had pasta with our choice of butter or sauce, meatballs, carrots, cucumbers, corn, dinner rolls, oranges and grapes. Have a great evening!