Tuesday February 23rd in the ABC’s

We were able to get outside for a little while this morning before the rain started. After our outside time we broke up into our groups. With Miss Cara we made Humpty Dumpty. We used egg cutouts and added a face using crayons. For the arms and legs we used strips of paper and folded them back and fourth, we then used red strips of paper to make the brick wall and a bandaid to fix the broken Humpty Dumpty. With Mrs. Asim we completed a Humpty Dumpty matching worksheet. We were asked to cut out the three different pictures and glue them next to their match. In Miss Abby’s group the children had snack and also completed a rhyming worksheet where they were asked to draw a line to match the rhyming words. During circle time we read Humpty Dumpty. We also reviewed our numbers using flash cards. We had breakfast for lunch, eggs, sausage, French toast, yogurt, bananas, hash browns. Have a great evening!