Wednesday February 24th in the ABC’s

This morning our friends enjoyed gymnastics with Mrs. Susan, those who did not go today will have gym tomorrow. During circle time we read “Hickory Dickory Dock”. We sang rainy day songs in hopes to make the rain go away by this afternoon! We also made a list of different words that rhyme with one another. With Miss Cara we made shape mice to go along with today’s nursery rhyme. We used circles and triangles to make our mouse, then used markers to make a face, check them out hanging on our bulletin board! We also practiced counting with the colored bears and working in groups to complete puzzles. With Mrs. Asim the children completed a letter Rr worksheet where they were asked to color the pictures that begin with Rr. They also worked on tracing and/or writing their names. With Miss Jessica the children enjoyed free play. For lunch we had grilled cheese, tomato soup, veggie stick cucumbers, peaches, apples and carrots. Have a great evening!