Monday March 7th in the ABC’s

Happy Monday! This morning dying circle time we went around the room and talked about what we did over the weekend. We introduced our theme for the week sports and the letter Tt. We discussed different types of sport and today focused more on soccer. We discussed the different positions, number of players on the field and how to play. We also began making our list of words that begin with Tt. We also read “Scores” during circle time, a book that talked about the different types of sports. In Miss Cara’s group we made soccer balls for our project, we were asked to count out at least six hexagons to glue on to our soccer ball. The children also enjoyed using the dry erase boards and sports lacing cards. With Mrs Asim the children completed a letter Tt tracing worksheet and also traced and/or wrote their names. They also enjoyed free play. For lunch we had rice with turkey, peaches, cheese sticks, pears and cucumbers. Have a great evening!

** Don’t forget, permission slips are due by March 16th for our trip to PEAC! **