Tuesday March 8th in the ABC’s

This morning during circle time we discussed baseball. We read “Goodnight Baseball” and spoke about the different equipment needed and how to play the game. With Miss Cara we made baseballs, we were given a white circle and told to use a q-tip and paint to make the red stitches on the ball, we then glued the ball and bat onto another piece of paper. We used wipe off boards to write the letter Tt and other letters that we know. We also used woofer blocks to form letters with. With Mrs Asim the children completed a sports pattern worksheet, they were asked to cut out the pictures on the bottom of the page and glue the picture next to its correct pattern. With Miss Abby the children had snack and enjoyed free play. We took advantage of the gorgeous weather today and enjoyed using balls to kick and throw around the playground! Happy 4th Birthday Orion! We has a special snack of munchkins this morning to celebrate Orion’s birthday and will have cupcakes this afternoon! For lunch we had macaroni and cheese, cucumbers, carrots, banana and cheese sticks. Have a great evening!

** Field trip permission slips are due by next Wednesday, March 16th! **