Monday October 3rd in the ABC’s

This morning during circle time we introduced our theme for the week, fire safety and the letter Dd. We discussed how September is over and that a new month has officially begun, October. We read “Curious George Goes to the Fire Station”. We discussed different fire safety tips and what we need to do when we hear a fire alarm. We also learned a poem called “The Fire Fighter”. With Miss Cara the children made a fire scene using red, orange and yellow paint, and a fork to spread the paint around. We completed a firemen line tracing activity and also reviewed the letters of our names then either traced or wrote them on our own. With Miss Nicole the children had snack and completed a letter D tracing worksheet. With Mrs. Denise the children read ‘Dancing Dino’s Go to School”. They also completed a dinosaur shape tracing worksheet. Please make sure to check your child’s cubby for information about our upcoming field trip to Terhune Orchards! Have a great evening!