Tuesday October 4th in the ABC’s

Today with Miss Cara the children continued talking about fire safety. We read “Firehouse Dog” during circle time. We discussed the number to call in case of a fire or an emergency, 911. We also learned a song called “9-1-1”. We learned that Dalmatians are typically the type of dogs that are seen at fire houses and help the firemen fight the fires. We discussed how both “dog” and “Dalmatian” begin with the letter D. For our project we made letter D Dalmatians. The children were given the letter D template and instructed were to glue on the eyes, nose, ear, tongue and collar. They were then told to draw spots on the dog. With Miss Nicole the children had snack and completed a letter Dd picture identification worksheet where hey were asked to circle or color the pictures that began with the letter Dd. They also began making a list of words that’s begin with Dd. With Mrs Denise the children read “New Truck On The Block”. They completed a firemen counting worksheet and enjoyed playing in groups. Have a great evening!